A Message from our Vice President

Dear Friends,
            On behalf of the entire team at the Aviva  Foundation and the more than 300 residents of Aviva – A Campus for Senior Life, I want to thank you for expressing interest in our organization. Like so many staff, volunteers, and community partners, I was drawn to Aviva because of its vibrant and dedicated community which exudes the feeling of home and hospitality. The Aviva Foundation which I am proud to lead was founded on a dream, a dream that the Sarasota community could come together to ensure a place for seniors of all faiths and backgrounds to call home. We were founded in 1993 and now over 25 years later, I am so proud to say that dream has become a living, breathing, and constantly growing reality. Our residents are what make this amazing place truly come alive and I am honored and humbled to have a chance to not only serve them but to get know them as teachers, leaders and above all else, friends.
            When I was first introduced to Aviva, I immediately fell in love with the community in ways that are nearly impossible to put into words. Aviva is so much more than its 27-acre physical location, it is a feeling of comfort, of home, of knowing we are all part of this wonderful family. Every resident here is part of an incredible family, one that welcomes all and supports one another during moments of celebration and moments of difficulty. However, our Aviva family is not just the residents and staff on campus! No, it is expansive including our dedicated volunteers, our community partners, our supporters, and most importantly the families of our residents. No matter the distance, every member of this extended family knows, feels and works to create the Aviva experience.
            It was not just the feeling of warmth and welcome that Aviva creates that drew me to this spot of sunshine, it was something deeper, it was a promise set forth by our community’s Founders. The Aviva community, our community, has made a promise to every single resident who chooses to call this campus home and we have done so now for over 25 years. Our promise is that qualified residents will never be forced out of their home due to financial burden. Let me reiterate that promise, utilizing what is known as the Benevolent Care Fund we are ensuring that no qualified resident will ever find themselves homeless due to financial burden. That promise which is made possible through the efforts of our annual gala, Keep the Dream Alive, cannot be understated, nor can we let it be forgotten. It is my hope that if you choose to support even just one initiative on the Aviva campus that you choose to support Keep the Dream Alive and the Benevolent Care Fund.
            With over 25 years of experience, the Aviva Foundation now has an opportunity to reach our residents in ways that our Founders never dreamed was possible. We are excited to seize this moment and introduce new initiatives, programs, and opportunities for our community to be involved like never before. My hope is that as our Foundation continues to grow, blossom, and flourish we can find new ways to help seniors in Sarasota care for their mind, their body, and their spirit. I invite you to take that journey with us.
            Again, on behalf of myself, our team, and above all else our residents I want to welcome you to the Aviva Foundation. Thank you for joining us on a journey over 25 years in the making!
                                                                                    Karen Corbin
                                                                                   Vice President of Philanthropy
                                                                                    The Aviva Foundation

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