Live Healthy, Live Happy.


Live Healthy, Live Happy.

Aviva4Life is the flagship health promotion and illness prevention program from Aviva- A Campus for Senior Life. Centered around the idea of engaging one’s mind, body, spirit, and social life the program provides every resident a personalized approach to a healthy living. Aviva believes that through innovative programs, individualized care, and a dedicated support team, every resident can experience the possibilities of an exceptional lifestyle.


The secret to Aviva4Life’s success is its focus on five core concepts:

Life EnrichmentPursue lifelong passions and discover new interests by keeping your mind engaged and staying socially active.

  • Aviva University- featuring dozens of stimulating lectures taught by industry experts in everything from science and art to food and history.
  • Access to Sarasota’s incredible arts and culture community including local museums, restaurants, and performing arts venues.
  • Specialized resident clubs devoted to favorite passions such as literature, foreign language, current events and more.

Fitness & WellbeingWork with a team of fitness and therapy experts to provide a fun, safe, and stress free pathway to a healthy and active body.

  • Onsite fitness classes including yoga, balance, strength training, and mobility.
  • Access to personalized training
  • Work to target specific health needs such as Arthritis or mobility issues
  • Community based initiatives like a Walking Club to make fitness a truly social opportunity

WellnessUtilizing our Nurse Navigators, create an ongoing care plan which optimizes your day to day life with a focus on your needs.

  • Nurse Navigators will work directly with your network of medical professionals including your primary doctor, specialists, aids, and onsite rehab to develop your care plan.
  • Access to nutrition and weight management assistance.
  • Onsite health metric monitoring including vital signs and sugar levels.

Health Care ServicesEnjoy the peace of mind knowing that access to healthcare professionals can be found right in your own community.

  • Campus Pharmacy
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Services
  • Internist
  • Podiatrist
  • Hearing Aid Technician

Brain HealthKeeping your mind strong and healthy is essential to leading an engaged lifestyle and is a centerpiece of the Aviva4Life initiative

  • Personalized brain health treatment plan created in conjunction with your Primary Care Physician
  • Onsite diagnostic assessment
  • Cognitive Health support groups
  • Campus Memory Care available


Aviva4Life at Aviva- A Campus for Senior Life

The Aviva campus is a 27-acre resort style community offering all levels of care. Dedicated to the Jewish values it was founded on the community is a place where residents can live, laugh, grow and celebrate all that life has to offer. Experience the possibilities of dynamic programing, heart healthy kosher dining, passion for arts and culture and deep commitment to Jewish traditions.

As Sarasota’s only rental community featuring all levels of care, Aviva residents have unlimited choices on how they experience every day. With easy access to Sarasota’s vibrant arts and cultural scene, as well as great dining and shopping, Aviva has become a destination for seniors.

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