Hurricane Update Monday 9-11-17

September 11, 2017

Hurricane Irma Update from Jay Solomon, CEO

Monday, Sept. 11.

Good afternoon, family and friends.

It is with extreme pleasure that I write to you from Aviva’s campus. I can report as of this afternoon that our campus is safe and returning to a sense of normalcy after being buffeted by Hurricane Irma last night.

As the storm officially vacated the Florida peninsula early this morning our teams began returning our campus to normal activity. Residents who were moved out of their apartments for medical reasons will be returning either today or tomorrow as staff work to coordinate with families. Our dining room will continue to serve meals to our residents and in addition to those staff members who have been displaced by the storm.

I can report that Aviva served as a shelter during the storm to over 650 residents, staff, and families. We are so happy to share that all 650 are doing well and have sustained no major injuries. Our campus also sustained minimal damage during the storm, we did not lose power, all windows held against the winds, and all structures remain in optimal condition.

I want to take this time to give an immense thank you to the staff at Aviva. It was only through their dedication to our residents that I am able to share such positive news. Since late on Saturday our staff has descended on our campus taking up any task that was needed of them. Many of them slept in their offices in sleeping bags, camped out in communal areas, and left their own families to support our community. Please join me in expressing our sincerest gratitude to all of them, each has truly embody our organizations values and ideals over this difficult period.

Now, as the dust begins to settle and the waters recede we are looking forward to a much calmer tomorrow. This month we have so much to celebrate as we approach the holidays of Rosh Hashana and observe Yom Kippur. Our community has come out of this storm stronger than ever and we are looking forward to bringing that renewed energy into everything we do.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the neighboring communities of Naples and Venice as they work to rebuild after Irma. As a team we are beginning to look closer to home as we assist our own Sarasota community. Many of our own neighbors are returning home and we will be there to help them rebuild and recover what they have lost.

Thank you all for staying with us through Irma and we hope to see you on campus soon.

Jay Solomon, CEO

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