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It all started with a dream…

What does community look like? Is it a place? A group of people? Is it a feeling? Community means many things to many different people, yet it is something we all strive to find and foster in our lives. In Sarasota, community is an essential aspect of each of our lives, and it is the strength of this community that makes it such an engaging place to live.


For Marie Brown, the founder of Aviva – A Campus for Senior Life, community was a place that could do more and be more for older members of the Sarasota area. Together with a dedicated group of volunteers, Marie gave life to a promise and a commitment in the form of Aviva. That promise was to provide a community where seniors could live extraordinary lives by embracing aspects of wellness, life-enriching activities, illness prevention, and dynamic social interaction all guided by Jewish values.


Aviva’s promise during its founding in 1993, remains the very heart of everything we do and everything we offer here on campus. Guided by the lessons of Marie and our founders, the Aviva of today is pioneering new ways to give seniors more of what they want and what they deserve out of their lifestyle. We do this by embracing the many aspects of health and wellness in ways that create a unique and intimate experience for each of our residents.


Take a short stroll across our 27-acre campus, and the first thing you will notice is the hustle and bustle of activity. Our residents spend the day the way they want, by taking advantage of the many things we provide on campus. Residents can enjoy a live musical performance featuring the best and brightest musicians that Sarasota has to offer. Others may spend time picking up a new skill like watercolor painting or yoga in one of our many daily classes. Many will choose to utilize our state-of-the-art fitness center through individual exercise or daily professionally led classes including Thai Chi, balance, cardio, or strength training. Some may simply want to enjoy a picture-perfect Florida day as they stroll through our protected natural walking paths. What we provide moves past the physical amenities, expanding the focus to unique moments that embrace a sense of wellness.


Your experience is our promise…

The Aviva promise has and always will be to provide seniors the tools they need to live lives beyond what they may think possible. So much of that promise sits on two major foundations of our identity, peace of mind and Jewish values. Older Americans face a wide array of challenges which pose concerns to their overall health and wellbeing. Our promise is that every resident should enjoy the peace of mind that comes with living in a safe, secure, and vibrant community. In some cases, this may be the physical aspect of safety, ensuring all of our spaces and above all else, resident apartments are specially designed with security in mind. However, we also believe safety and security is a mindset, one that is strengthened through the support of great friends, dedicated staff, and a coalition of supportive partners.


Values like compassion, unity, and a celebration of life are built into the very foundation of our community. Like Aviva, these values are deeply woven into the fabric of Jewish identity, concepts that have supported the Jewish people for thousands of years. These values are not just Jewish concepts; they are ideas that are universal and timeless. We believe that by building our community on these values, Aviva will forever be the warm and welcoming place once dreamed about by our founders.


Emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, and relevancy. These eight dimensions of wellness represent a completely holistic approach to living life to its fullest. It is these ideas that we hold at the very core of Aviva, the heart which we call Aviva4Life. Representing a comprehensive and holistic approach to a Life Plan Community, Aviva4Life is the Aviva promise, inspired by our founders and shaped by our seniors.


Like seniors themselves, Aviva is continuously on the move. Each day we are finding new ways to evolve, embrace, and engage with the rapidly changing world around us. New programs, services, and facilities allow us to serve seniors better as they continue to expand what they want and what they expect from the place they call home. We are a community that is constantly adapting to the changing world of seniors and aging. We invite you to join us, as we redefine the expectations of what a Life Plan Community can be and embrace the seniors of today and tomorrow.


At Aviva, community is our promise, our mission, and the heartbeat of our everyday. Spring into a world that is redefining the concept of Senior Living.


“Aviva provides me with endless intellectually stimulating programs and access to my favorite Sarasota theatres. I have everything I need in one beautiful location!”

- Dom DeCecco, Kobernick Resident

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