Testimonials and Stories from Our Residents

Marvin Albert

Current Kobernick Independent Living Resident

“The first time I visited campus something just clicked, I knew in that moment this was a place I could be happy living at. Aviva has everything a person could ever ask for at a quality that surpassed my expectations!”

Anita Scott

Current Kobernick Independent Living Resident

“I feel like I am being taken care of but in the quality and lifestyle of a luxury resort. Everything I could want and need is right at my fingertips here at Aviva!”

Bruce Deery

Current Resident at Kobernick Independent Living

“I was hesitant at first but now that I’ve lived here I know this is the right place to be. Aviva gives me an incredible community, a great choice of wellness activities, and a place of my own that fits my ideal lifestyle.”

Arline Levine

Current Kobernick Independent Living Resident

“At the end of the night, when I am exhausted and head to bed, I get such a rush of pride. It isn’t because of my health or the fact that I’m getting older that makes me so tired. I’m tired every night because I have spent the day doing something that is fun and something that I want to do.”


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Carolyn Kaplan

Current Kobernick Independent Living Resident and Former Benderson Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Patient 

“A major highlight of my experience at Benderson was the care I received. To say the members of the Aviva team went above and beyond would be an understatement. Every single staff member from my nurses to the individuals who came to clean my room were dedicated to my recovery. No matter if it was their job or not, I knew I could ask the staff for anything I needed, and they would find a way to communicate my needs to the person who could help. That relief in knowing that I was never really on my own, helped lift so much of the burden.”

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Senior woman at Aviva holding a toy motorcycle.

Eileen Gilbert

Current Resident at Kobernick Independent Living

The residents at Aviva make this an incredible place to call home. Those I meet are so interesting, creative, and fascinating in ways that make sure no two days here are ever the same!”

Deborah Downey

Daughter of Anchin Resident Alice Field

“The nurses, therapists and aids in the Memory Care unit of Anchin are amazing.”

David Klein

Chief Executive Officer, Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield, retired.

“How lucky am I? After only one month of therapy at Benderson, I am independent again, living in Aviva,” said Sandy Klein.“Our family is impressed with the post-stroke rehabilitation therapy our mother received at Benderson,” said David Klein, Chief Executive Officer, Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield, retired. “We are thrilled that our mother is safe and secure, with help if needed. She is joyfully embracing every moment of this new chapter in her life”.

Marvin Meyers

Anchin Resident

Aviva Senior Life campus offers comforting options for people with Alzheimer’s disease. It may be comforting for others to know about the Aviva Senior Life campus and its “person-centered care” for people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. My wife, Charlotte and I recently celebrated our 66th wedding anniversary. After living in Sarasota for 35 years, we moved into Aviva where we enjoyed independent living. With the help of weekly visits for respite at Jewish Family and Children’s Services, I was able to care for Charlotte until she took a fall outside. Then she needed more care than I could give her. So we moved her into the memory support wing of Anchin, just a few steps away. They take such good care of her at Anchin. It’s important for me to spend time with her every day, and it’s easy to do that because I am just a few steps away. Our two daughters live out of town, and they say it gives them peace of mind knowing I am nearby and we are both safe, with the help we need. Charlotte enjoys music programs, clown visits and word games. We like to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. We must look like the greeters of Anchin when people pass by us. Aviva’s Anchin Memory Care support wing also has a 1950s kitchen and an adaptive computer system to help residents stay connected with others through Skype and email. People use i-pads for interactive computer activities, play BINGO, Scrabble and cards. Others enjoy beading, knitting, exercise classes, painting and art projects. Diverse activities keep people engaged and interacting socially. Charlotte is treated with respect and dignity, and she seems better without medications. I spend time with her every day. She knows me and she’s happy and calm when I’m there.

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