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December 22, 2022

April 13, 2023

6 Reasons to Consider a Life Plan Community

Moving to a Life Plan Community, like Aviva, is a chance to spend time doing the things you love without the stress of home maintenance or meal planning. Instead, members have access to amenities and all the perks that come with living in a welcoming community. You may be wondering when the right time is to move to a Life Plan Community.It might be time to consider a senior living community if:

  • You're tired of the stress of living at a home that continually needs maintenance.
  • You've recently had a change in your lifestyle.
  • You want to eat more healthy foods without spending time shopping and preparing meals.
  • You're looking for meaningful community and supportive relationships
  • You want the chance to enjoy new hobbies.
  • You’re looking for long-term health benefits

Many adults think that senior living isn't for them because they are healthy and active, however, that is exactly who these communities are for. A Life Plan Community is not similar to a nursing home and living at home isn't always everything a senior adult is expecting. For instance, home maintenance can be expensive and time-consuming. A Senior Living Community complements what you already enjoy about your lifestyle and your independence. You will enjoy healthy meals without sacrificing flavor, have more time to do what you love, and grow relationships. Many active retirement communities, like Aviva, offer independent living, assisted living, memory support, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation services. These health services help residents live well and age well, no matter how their health needs change in the future.With the convenience of transportation, a fitness center, and dining venues combined with our wonderful programs to enhance well-being, Aviva can provide you with the retirement lifestyle you're looking for.

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