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May 27, 2021

April 13, 2023

Comparing the Costs of Independent Living

Moving into an independent living community is an adjustment in and of itself. Whether you’re searching for a community for yourself or a loved one, you want to make sure it’s the right fit — lifestyle-wise and of course, financially.When looking at the cost of independent living, you may experience some initial sticker shock. However, in comparison to the cost of living on your own, independent living can be far more affordable and beneficial than you may think.Read on as we discuss the costs of independent living and how you can find the community that’s best for you.

Cost Comparison 

Regardless of your living situation, the costs of living add up. When you manage your own property, it’s likely you have many expenses such as:

  • Mortgage payments or rent
  • Utilities, including water, electric and gas, sewage and trash 
  • Home maintenance and repairs 
  • Lawn and garden care 
  • Pest control 
  • Pool maintenance 
  • Groceries and meals 
  • Home safety and security systems 
  • Housekeeping 
  • Transportation 
  • Hobbies and entertainment 
  • Internet 
  • Telephone 
  • TV

Whether you manage these tasks on your own or hire help, these expenses add up. What’s more, as you age, home maintenance can become more challenging and require more effort to accomplish the many tasks required.When you live in an independent living community, many of the expenses you pay for on your own are included in your monthly living fees, however, pricing structure varies between communities. Some senior living communities require an entrance fee. Others charge residents extra for their amenities, services and activities.Using a cost comparison sheet to track and compare the expenses of each housing option can be a valuable way to evaluate costs. A community that focuses on your enrichment and provides services and amenities to make your life easier can significantly improve the quality of your life, which is worthwhile to most.

Cost Versus Value 

When searching for an independent living community, the main factor people consider is the monetary cost. While finances are a key factor when selecting a community, it is also important to consider the value the community brings to its resident’s lives. The community you choose should provide excellent value while significantly reducing the resident’s burden of running a household themselves.Before you choose an independent living community, consider these factors:

  • Levels of care. As you age, the level of care you need may change. Choosing a community that offers a full continuum of care enables residents to age comfortably within the same community and receive proper care accordingly. Should you need to move from independent living to assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing, choosing a community that provides varying levels of care enables you to make this transition seamlessly. 
  • Safety and security measures. Look into how your prospective community keeps their residents safe, their employee qualifications, campus security measures and the different types of healthcare and emergency services they provide. 
  • Resident enrichment and amenities. Feeling included in your new community fosters a sense of belonging and comfort. Look into the opportunities the community offers for residents to contribute and get involved. Choose a community that offers a variety of amenities to enrich their resident’s lives.
  • For-profit versus not-for-profit. Those who choose a not-for-profit senior community benefit from lower rent and an ethical board of directors that put the residents and community well-being first. 

Conduct research and look at the testimonials of their residents or the resident’s families. Tour their communities and ask their staff any questions you have. Keep in mind that cost doesn’t necessarily equate to value — some communities may cost less but aren’t providing what they need for their residents to thrive, and vice versa.

Why Choose Aviva As Your Independent Living Community?

A not-for-profit independent living community that provides a full continuum of care, requires no entrance fee and prioritizes senior enrichment is a rare combination. At Aviva Senior Living, we’re proud to check all of those boxes and more.

Our Community is Designed to Help You Flourish 

At Aviva, the monthly rent varies according to your apartment’s size, floor plan and finishes — however, that’s where the pricing variations start and end. The monthly rent covers other living expenses such as utilities, transportation, internet, TV, home maintenance and repairs, housekeeping services and more.In addition to these living costs, our monthly rent gives residents access to an extensive range of amenities including well-rounded healthcare services, gourmet culinary options, an outdoor pool, a state-of-the-art fitness center, enriching activities and more. Our independent living apartments are designed with modern features that provide the quality and comfort you’re looking for in your next adventure.Having a sense of belonging is critical to fostering a high quality of life. At Aviva, it’s our mission to foster a tight-knit community that helps our residents connect — so that they can truly flourish. We offer a range of events, classes and activities to improve our resident’s lives.

We Offer a Full Continuum of Care 

As we age, our care needs change. At Aviva, we provide a full continuum of care to accommodate these changes and help seniors seamlessly transition to different levels of care as needed.

  • Kobernick Independent Living is a great option for those that can live independently but are looking for the benefits of a tight-knit senior living community and the sought-after amenities. 
  • Anchin Assisted Living gives our residents the independence they want, but the extra care they may need with daily tasks such as shopping, meal preparation, bathing, dressing, remembering medications and more. 
  • Anchin Memory Care Services has programs specifically designed for residents living with dementia or other forms of memory loss. Residents experience a wide range of benefits including activities and safety precautions specific to those with memory issues. 
  • Benderson Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation offers nursing services or personalized rehabilitation services to our residents should they require it. 

We Don’t Require “Buy-In”

Aviva is a rental community that doesn’t charge an entrance fee — a cost that many senior living communities require residents to pay before they can move in. This fee varies between communities and can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, which can make independent living unattainable.It’s our priority to help you live your life to the fullest. Contact us today or schedule a tour to find out if Aviva is the right place for your next adventure.Download our Cost Comparison Sheetto see how your current housing expenses measure up to Aviva’s independent living community.

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