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December 26, 2019

April 13, 2023

What is Memory Care and What Are Its Benefits?

Memory care refers to specialized treatment, including assisted living, designed specifically for those suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other cognitive or memory disorders. Making the decision to move from a more independent lifestyle to an assisted living environment can be difficult, especially with the added layer of memory needs. 

Memory care is so much more than just giving reminders to take medication and attend appointments. Because of the sensitivity of memory issues, memory care requires a uniquely skilled team to develop a treatment and care plan. At Anchin Memory Care at Aviva, our seniors and their families experience a wide range of medical, therapeutic, psychological, and social benefits that only a leading senior memory care community can offer. 

Security & Safety for Seniors with Memory Issues

One of the biggest concerns for seniors with memory issues is knowing that they’re safe and secure. In an assisted living community like Anchin, our team takes every precaution to protect seniors and meet their safety needs. Every resident wears an activation pendant that can be used to alert security and nursing staff, around the clock, in the event of an emergency. All exterior doors are always secured, and entry/exit doors have security desks staffed with friendly, approachable staff 24/7. 

Full On-Site Medical Care for Residents

At Aviva, each of our assisted living residents gets access to a full care continuum of on-site professionals. Our nursing staff is uniquely trained to work with patients suffering from dementia and memory loss, ensuring the utmost sense of comfort and stability. This specialization helps keep patients comfortable, even if they experience a memory lapse that causes disorientation. All medications are issued by a licensed medical professional at the appropriate time, keeping care for memory conditions and other medical conditions on-track.

In addition to memory-specific nursing and medical care, Aviva’s residents have access to a fully onsite medical team in a wide array of specialties, including gerontology, audiology, dermatology, psychology, podiatry, optometry and dentistry. Having all of these specialties on-campus ensures that all of our seniors, especially those in memory care, receive all the medical attention they need in a timely manner and stress-free environment. 

Individual Health & Wellness Initiatives

Health goes beyond medical care—memory care for seniors also requires ongoing attention for cognitive wellbeing and general comfort and wellness. Aviva4Life is our core wellness program, aimed at helping all seniors, including those with memory care needs, feel as stable and secure along the full spectrum of wellness. This involves ensuring wellness in eight core disciplines: 

  • Emotional
  • Environmental
  • Financial
  • Intellectual
  • Occupational
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Spiritual

All residents have access to wellness activities and staff in each of these core areas, including exercise programs, individual cognitive therapy, and access to a unique multi-sensory suite designed with brain stimulation and memory care in mind. 

In support of our community wellness initiatives, we take every step to ensure that every senior enjoys clean, comfortable surroundings and can maintain their lifestyle. Aviva proudly offers full-time housekeeping and maintenance, on-campus salon service, and gourmet-quality dining menus designed in tandem by our chefs and nutritionists.

Recreation & Creative Activities for Cognitive Stimulation

When dealing with memory issues, seniors need a balance of routine and enrichment in order to live the most fulfilling life possible. We offer on-site memory care activities, like enrichment classes and events as well as off-site excursions, letting our seniors experience all that Sarasota has to offer. 

Continuing to engage with creative passions can be extremely helpful for those suffering from memory issues, as these activities can stimulate the frontal cortex, the area of the brain connected to working memory and memory storage. Whether your senior loved one is a poet, a crafter, a theater buff, a painter, or a gardener, we offer arts and culture activities to fuel every creative need. 

Family & Community Support

Seniors aren’t the only ones who benefit when receiving memory care as part of their assisted living experience at Aviva. Families, friends, and other loved ones gain peace of mind knowing that their beloved senior is receiving the best possible care. Your senior loved one deserves only the best possible care, and residency in Anchin Memory Care at Aviva guarantees that your senior with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or any other cognitive or memory disorders will get the care and quality of life they deserve. 

At Aviva, we value community above all else, and our residents each bring with them a story and a support network essential to their success during memory care treatment. We offer a full calendar of events in each of our residency levels, and welcome family members to join our Anchin Memory Care residents for holidays, meals, classes, and celebrations every day of the week! 

Choosing Where to Receive Senior Memory Care

Dedicated memory care isn’t a standard offering at all senior living and assisted living communities. If you’re ready to take the next step in life or to help a beloved senior with memory issues make a decision, assess whether or not a full spectrum of specialized care and wellness is available. 

Even if memory issues aren’t yet a specific concern, Aviva’s campus offers a wide variety of living arrangements and accommodations, with the ability to move from independent living to assisted living to memory care as a senior’s needs change. It’s important to stimulate the mind, body, and soul to support memory as we age, and at Aviva we ensure that every step is taken to care for those needs.

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