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July 4, 2018

April 13, 2023

Independence Is More Than Just a Day in July

July 4th is known as Independence Day, a day where Americans celebrate our independence from England. Independence is an important aspect of life for the senior community, and it can be achieved in many ways. At Aviva, we strive to help our residents celebrate their own independence every day by providing activities, resources, and a sense of community.

Independent Living Done Right.

Kobernick Independent Living at Aviva is a lifestyle like no other. We serve our residents with resort-style amenities and spacious rental apartments, with an emphasis on independence. We know that independent living is so much more than a space to call your own, which is why we encourage our residents to take part in a myriad of activities! Attending a show at the theatre, shopping at the local malls and shops, going out for delicious meals, and so much more are part of the independent living style at Kobernick. Aviva also curates fitness classes such as Weights and Bands, Balance and Stretch, and Water Aerobics to keep our residents in great shape. Empowering our residents with great activities is one way that we help them rejoice in their independence.

Rehabilitation Services to Get You Back on Your Feet.

Aviva is unlike most other senior living facilities, because our campus encompasses all levels of living. This means that if rehabilitation services are needed, residents don’t have to worry about leaving their home or friends for outside assistance. Once residents return to Independent Living, we have nurse navigators to help them with anything they may need along the way! Having a unified campus means that we are able to provide care at all levels, and ensure an easy transition if needed.

Independent Living, Together.

The sense of community at Aviva is abundant, and gives seniors a truly independent life. Community is vital in keeping seniors involved and helping them snub out boredom. At Aviva there is never a dull moment, as many of our residents are highly educated individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. From Brown University graduates to retired rocket scientists, there is always something interesting for our residents to connect over. Clubs, committees, and more are offered to our residents so they can get their say in where it counts! We encourage new ideas, and add new clubs and activities regularly at their request.Aviva strives to ensure that our residents are getting the most out of their lives. Our objective is simple: to enhance the golden years of our residents’ lives with unforgettable experiences and activities to keep them inspired. Because after all, Independence Day doesn’t have to happen just once a year.To find out more information about Aviva’s evergreen community, click here.

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